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Palm trees waving in a gentle sea breeze with the sounds of island music in the background. The view atop a high mountain in the springtime, with the foliage below just beginning to bloom. The sounds and smell of the Casbah, foreign tongues and cooking aromas swirling around you. For today's traveler, such destinations become ever more attainable, but no less exotic. You can be standing on a cold, windswept corner in Greely Colorado one winter morning and wending your way about a tropical village in Fiji the next evening. Welcome to the possibilities of exotic travel!

Finding exotic destinations to visit is easy. Choosing among the myriad that are available is much more difficult. Much of your decision process will revolve around what factors are the most important to you--and which matter less.

  • Climate: What kind of weather and climate are you looking for? In what month do you want to travel? Example: The Pacific coast of Mexico is a warm and inviting location in the mid-winter, but can be torrid and a little un-inviting in the mid-summer.
  • Amenities: Are you looking for amenities similar to what you have at home, better than, or is rustic just perfect for you? Example: A visit to Sydney, Australia may find you in a 5-star hotel with a ton of gourmet restaurants from which to choose. Yet a few hours into the outback and you may find the best hotel has cabins with front doors where the night air seeps in freely.
  • Language: Is it important to you that all of the natives speak your language, that some do, or is this not a factor? Example: You may choose to visit the Italian Riveria where Italian is the language of choice but where residents take pride in conversing with strangers through sign language or other means. And there's the French Riveria--if you don't speak French you may find some difficulty in communicating.
  • Distance: What is the maximum travel time you want to allow for? Do you want to arrive the same day as you leave or do you not mind losing a day? Example: The South Pacific is an extraordinary destination, but you may not want to lose 25% of your one week vacation on travel.
  • Safety: Is your personal safety paramount in your decision or is it a secondary concern? Example: There are some beautiful locations in the world that are perfectly safe and there are those where you will need to be constantly vigilant for your safety. See the discussion on travel safety.

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