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Travel Safety

The purpose of the following tips are not to frighten you about traveling, but to keep some common sense presence in the equation.


Before you leave home:

  • Keep the number of people who you tell you will be gone at a minimum.
  • The best situation is to have someone--a neighbor, friend or relative--to pick up mail and newspapers and move cars in the driveway. If that isn't possible, remember to stop mail and newspaper deliveries.
  • Use timers in the house, either random timers or set them to try to match your normal routine.
  • Get traveler's checks so that you won't need to take an excess amount of cash.
  • If you are traveling overseas, make a photocopy of your passport and pack it in a different place than the original. If the passport is lost or stolen, the photocopy may facilitate replacement.
  • Before leaving, double check all doors and windows.

While traveling

  • If traveling overseas, be sure to check the U.S. State Department's traveler's warnings.
  • Don't look like the classic tourist--you may not be able to meld yourself totally into the local culture, but you can prevent yourself being recognized as a tourist from 3 blocks away.
  • Don't carry large amounts of cash. Take with you only the credit card(s) you may be using.
  • Leave "invitations"--flashy jewelry, watches and expensive sunglasses--in our hotel or on your cruise ship.
  • Don't intentionally--or unintentionally--flash large sums of cash. Have 2 separate areas in pockets or purses--1 pocket, for example, with a minimum amount of cash (this is where you go when you buy something) and the balance in the the other location.
  • If unsure of an area, stay on the "beaten track." Taking a wrong turn can expose you to potential dangers.

Hotel and Cruise Ship Security:

  • Upon arrival, check all locks (including safety latch). If not working, notify management immediately.
  • In a hotel, If you are on a lower floor, make sure that all windows are securely locked.
  • Familiarize yourself with fire escape routes.
  • Take advantage of in-room or hotel desk safes.
  • Consider leaving the radio or television playing when you leave the room.

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